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2019 Yilan Green Expo

Yilan Green Expo has been held annually since 2000. This year it has entered its 20th anniversary! Twenty years ago, because of the Yilan government’s vision and persistence, the green rice fields, the lush forests, the rich ocean and its water ecology were preserved and passed on. It has developed into a Yilan-style green way of life. Therefore, we have the “Green Tour” as our theme this year and we will start gracefully with green ways of living. “Being green” is an attitude which conforms ourselves to the nature’s rhythm. We incorporate the concepts of green life, environmental protection and energy conservation, and a low-carbon diet into our daily life. Through physical practices, we can reconstruct the ethics of how as human beings, we should respect the land. “Tour” is an action. Whether it is a green sightseeing tour or an interactive experiential exhibition, as you walk into the nature and the Green Expo, with your shoes in contact with the earth’s soil, you can breathe in the freshest air and immerse yourself in the arms of nature.

The “Green Tour” is a journey to explore life. This spring we will become travelers with an open heart and mind to learn from our Mother Nature. With the rich farming and fishing village tours, you will be able to experience the essence of Yilan. With energy-saving and carbon-reducing devices, you will be able to practice a green way of life. After the “Green Tour” in Yilan, we hope the travelers will go home with a fuller appreciation of our land.



Getting Here

By Train:

Get off at TRA Dongshan Station, turn right and you will arrive.

By National Highway Bus:

■ Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport 1879 (Departure from Yuanshan and Nangang)
■ Kamalan Bus 1917 (Departure from Taipei Bus Station)
■ Capital Bus 1570 (Departure from Taipei City Hall Bus Station)

Some of these buses can arrive directly at the Eco-Ark within the park. If the bus does not arrive directly at the park, you can take a taxi or City Bus from Luodong Transfer Station.

By City Bus:

(Arrives directly at the Eco-Ark within the park.)

■ Weekdays: Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport 1766
From Toucheng to Nanfangao, every 30-40 minutes.

■ Weekends: Holiday Main Line (Red 2)
From Yilan Transfer Station to Nanfangao, every 15-30 minutes.